Word Solitaire

Word Solitaire 3

Software that uses words for solitaire

The Word Solitaire software program is designed for users who want to have a new variety of solitaire game on their PC or desktop. The program is similar to the solitaire card game on your computer but this time, instead of using cards, you use words.

The Word Solitaire program has 30 single player word games that you can play anytime. The program has word games that are similar to popular solitaire games like FreeCell, Tri-Peaks, Pyramid and other popular types of solitaire games.

The Word Solitaire also has a solitaire version of popular word board games that everyone frequently plays. The popular board games include Scrabble and also Boggle.

The Word Solitaire also has its original version of some solitaire word games that will also provide amusement to anyone. This includes Cave-In, Worm Hole or Walls of Jericho.

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